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Arketipo (Italy)

Founded in Florence in 1982, the company for furniture production Arketipo initially placed the emphasis on high quality products.

Initially engaged in the production of textiles, the brand mastered the production of upholstered furniture, and then significantly expanded its range, including tables, coffee tables, shelves, lamps and other accessories necessary for the interior of various residential areas.

At the same time, the original message - to produce products of exceptionally high quality - has not been discounted and today the brand has a confident position in the segment of elite furniture.

Since Florence in the course of centuries bears in its traditions the spirit of experimentation, the same quality is also distinguished by the designers of the Arketipo trade mark, giving the scope of their imagination when creating new collections.

Decisions can be the most unexpected - these are both antique motifs and a tribute to modern trends, but the subtle sense of style, elegance and recognizability remain unchanged.

The only, perhaps, problem, when choosing the exquisite furniture of this factory from Tuscany - it is difficult to decide, because there is a desire to simultaneously acquire several collections.

The inspiration of the designers Arketipo and the skill of her cabinetmakers can only be envied.

Luxury in combination with elegance, a variety of exquisite upholstery from textiles and leather - definitely, almost all of the brand's products fall into the definition of "work of art."

At the same time, it is not cold and detached, but creates a warm, friendly atmosphere, into which one wants to plunge headlong.

If you like to receive from life unexpected pleasant sensations, then furniture from the Arketipo brand will be a very precise choice that will advantageously emphasize your attitude to life and the unconditional personality of the person.

The company regularly participates in the most significant furniture exhibitions around the world - in Milan, Moscow and other forums.

For more than thirty years of history, the brand has earned respect throughout the world and has acquired numerous admirers of its style in many countries.