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Buyazeri: Italy in the interior

Boiseri is one of the oldest classical wall finishing techniques. In ancient times, it was used to decorate the interior of royal and aristocratic houses. In the days of modernity, boiserie were widely used in the homes of the bourgeoisie and the middle class.

Due to the rapid spread, they have become one of the most spectacular methods of decoration.

Boiserie is also called the wall decoration wood. Wooden compartments have practical properties, provide noise insulation and heat insulation, wear-resistant and durable.

They are also called:

- Weinscot;

- Wall panels;

- decorative sections.

The main material from which they are made are selected woods, which is the most expensive option.

For more budgetary elements, plastic, bamboo or reed is taken.

Today the decoration of the walls refers to the level of the elite methods of interior decoration and is quite in demand among people who love Italian chic and always try to emphasize their status and good taste.

Boiseri from French translates as “wooden lining”. Often with the help of curved and carved panels lobbies, libraries, large halls and living rooms are made out.

Restaurants, hotels and cafes are enhanced by their bright design.

Boiserie combine modern style, luxury and sophistication of aristocratic apartments.

Just because they have various forms and parameters - it allows you to decorate any room.

Italian boazeri perfectly match with Italian furniture. There is always a slight contrast between classic and modern.

Sewing of walls is not only a decor method, but also an element that can perform other functions, for example, a screen.

Decorative wall panels

Finishing for the walls - this is a significant period for any changes in the interior. It is very important to choose the right finishing elements.

Today, many prefer wall panels. They are notable for their special quality, extravagance and durability, they are very convenient in assembly and are able to give any room a high price.

With our help, you can easily select and buy such panels in Kiev, you can choose the material, color, shape and texture.

Also, they can be used to build partitions in the house.

Wall panels conceal imperfections on the walls and even out the coating damaged by external factors. They absorb disturbing sounds well and do not cause inconvenience. Most often, the panels come complete with fasteners and rails.

Want to improve the interior and make it more refined, wall panels - the best option.

Wall decoration

Wall decoration is a long-time passion of our ancestors. It came from the ancient design of caves and other surfaces. An interesting painting of the wall will always be a relevant element in a house or apartment.

Modern technology and well-trained wizard, able to revive almost all the wishes of customers. You can use light showers, decorative paintings, mosaics and other decorative elements.

Decorative design of the walls can be done personally, without the participation of the designer. Thereby you will show your unique taste and vision of the beautiful.

The walls affect the mood of the entire interior, which is why you need to carefully approach the choice of colors and accent details.

Themed paintings, various elements of decor should be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Create an extraordinary mood in your home.

Italian design: a classic for your apartments

Nobody will be indifferent to the classic interior, because the classic was and is relevant at any time, especially the Italian classic.

This is a luxurious and unique design, exquisite decor and the use of the latest technologies. Regardless of the size of the room, it will fit perfectly and decorate the interior.

The ideal color scheme for this style is the presence of light shades, calm tones and the absence of acid paints. Finishing in this case should play the role of the background. Most often for the background choose the color of ivory.

In the color design of the walls, preference is given to a beige, pastel, blue or yellow shade. Fans of brighter shades choose terracotta, blue and light graphite.

You can use more saturated colors, such as: red, green and orange. Never combine these shades all together. This way you can spoil any successful interior design.

The characteristic quality of the classic style is a ceiling decorated with stucco. It is made to order from plaster or polyurethane.

Of course the central accent is a huge and elegant chandelier. Also, a good solution would be to install ceiling lights.

For the decoration of the floor, only natural materials are used, such as: tile, stone, mosaic and wood. The color of the floor should naturally match the rest of the interior.

Classic - always the best choice for the decor of the house.