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Italian wardrobes

 Italian furniture combines various elements of furniture for the decoration of the house and other premises. And one of the important is the closet.

The closet is an object for placing clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics.

When we choose it, we would like it to be multifunctional, roomy and practical. Preferring Italian cabinets, you will save space in the room and get a first-class product.

To date, wide popularity gained cabinets coupe. This is a good option for living rooms, hallways, offices or kitchens.

 Italian cabinets are of the highest quality and exclusive appearance. The best masters of Italy are working on the development of their design, and the latest innovations in the world of furniture are used.

A lot of functionality and unique style makes Italian furniture indispensable in any home. A huge number of Italian manufactured cabinets have found their owners around the world.

Also, do not forget that the Italian cabinets perfectly in harmony with other elements of furniture.

You can purchase the entire set, thereby saving time and money for the selection of suitable parts for the entire model range.

 If you need a huge wardrobe, then among the range are large-scale dressing rooms. This is a modular system with a huge number of functions that can accommodate significantly more clothes, linens, shoes and other things.

 There are several types of cabinets:

 1) With a swinging door, this closet is suitable for any corner in your home.

2) Closet-compartment, with the help of such a cabinet you can solve the problem of the hammered space and improve the aesthetic view of the whole room.

3) Corner cabinet, this is an element by which you can close any uncomfortable corner in the house.

 No matter what model and style you choose, Italian cabinets will solve the problem in the interior design and will allow to decorate the space with their appearance.

 Classic wardrobes

 To date, one of the indispensable elements of furniture can be called a closet. It became popular due to its function to save territory and accommodate a large number of things.

 Cabinets-compartments of Italian production always stood out with refinement and refinement.

Sturdy shelves and comfortable drawers are the best addition to the composition.

Especially noteworthy are cabinets in the classical style, because always topical classics will not leave anyone indifferent.

Your house, designed in a low-key style, simply needs such an element of the interior.

 The wardrobe in the classic style has the necessary severity of shapes and calm shades, among which: white, brown, gray, beige and natural shades of wood (oak, walnut, cherry).

In the decoration is applied: silver, gold, and in the decor - mirror elements, various frames and lining.

 All Italian furniture in the classical style is made from selected wood species - this is the key to its durability and high quality.

 Notes for the classic cabinet:

 - mirrors on the panels;

- exclusive accessories;

- a fresco;

- thread;

- luxurious decor.

 The classic closet is perfect for a bedroom, kitchen, living room or hallway.

 Italian wardrobes in the Art Nouveau style

 Cabinets in the Art Nouveau style are able to decorate their appearance with any room.

Characteristic features of the modernist style are:

- bold forms;

- the minimum availability of textiles;

- a shiny surface;

- a peculiar combination of colors;

- multifunctionality.

In a house where everything is decorated in the Art Nouveau style, everything is selected individually.

Modern wardrobe is a good fit for the living room, it will give it a certain zest and save space for guests.

 Smooth bends and curled lines complete the entire composition in the Art Nouveau style.

 Also, in its design there is a vegetable theme.

 Cases of a compartment of a premium class

 The premium cabinets are an indication not only of good taste of the owner, but also of his status.

Rational use of space, functionality and high quality, which fully corresponds to the price.

The closet is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that can make any room more stylish and bright.

 They are completed with quality sliding systems and in their manufacture exclusive and unique materials are used.

 Premium cabinets are designed for those who appreciate comfort and exquisite products.

 Elite designer wardrobes

 Elite designer cabinets are made of selected wood and decorated with modern finishes and exclusive details.

 The solid facade, which corresponds to the quality and multifunctional filling, has long been an excellent combination.

Expensive cabinets have some distinctive features:

 - environmentally friendly materials (they are made using walnut, oak or mahogany)

- premium finish (the wood is treated with lacquer, and the decor uses mirrors and metal parts)

- exclusivity (cabinets of this format are developed individually).